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My Life is MyMusic 

My name is Marvin K Crayton Jr.

a NOLA native and founder of Seaux Cray Media. Under my brand I operate as DJ So Cray ( the open format dj that loves to connect some of the best songs to bring a whole new vibe to the event table) , Videographer, Artist / Producer / Engineer, & Freelance Photographer ( CRAYzSHOT), and YouTuber (ImSeauxCray). I have been surrounded by music my whole life and as I felt like I became the culture I also felt the need to keep it going. It all started with my Sax and falling in love with the stage hitting with One Mind Brass Band, or maybe before that high stepping through the streets for Mardi Gras proud with the Marching 100 resting on my cape. So today I extend my love for the city and what it taught me through my work.

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